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What role did the god of love play in the union of Shiva & Parvati?

Love makes the world go round, they say. How true is that? Wars have been waged; rebellions have been fought for the sake of love or lust.

Who is responsible for such emotions even in creatures that seem so far away from human emotions?

In Greek Mythology there is Cupid, in Roman methodology there is Eros…. but do you know Kamadeva in Hindu Mythology?

“Kamadeva”, is the Hindu god of love, passion, or desire. One of the deities we don’t often hear about. In Sanskrit ‘Kama’ means ‘Sensual Desire’, and Deva means a divine being.

Kamadev is often depicted as a beautiful, winged youth with greenish skin, he is seated on a parrot and carrying a bow made of sugarcane stalk and strung by a line of bees and accompanied by his wife Rati (sexual desire), Vasant (spring personified) and a gentle breeze. When he shoots an arrow tipped with fragrant flowers will make the target fall in love.

Kamadeva married the Goddess Rati -the name of the goddess comes from the Sanskrit root ram, meaning “enjoy” or “delight in.” – and the two Hindu gods together make up the emotions and feelings of Love, lust, and desire

Kamadev played a role in the union between Shiva and Parvati.

Having lost his wife Sati, Shiva had gone into deep meditation. Taking advantage of the situation, the Demon Tarakasura sought Brahma’s boon, with the clause that only a son of Shiva could overpower him. Meanwhile, Parvati (Sati reborn) wished to marry Lord Shiva and had been trying to get Shiva’s attention, but with little success as he was the least interested and choose to ignore her feeling. That’s when the Gods (led by Indra) summoned Kamadeva, the Indian Cupid. The gods decided to end the sorry state of the world and asked Kamadeva to make this happen. Kamadeva accepted this dangerous mission and set off!

Shiva was in deep meditation when Kamdeva shot its arrow disturbing Shiva while meditating. Shiva was so angry that he opened his third eye, fire shot out and reduced Kamadeva to ashes.

Kamdev’s consort Rati was understandably aghast at the situation and inconsolable and pleased with Shiva for forgiveness and to revive Kamadeva.

Till the time Kamadeva was dead, it is said that love had disappeared from the world. So, Shiva attempted to resurrect Kamdev, but only in a non-body form. And since then, LOVE has existed as a feeling. And the arrow did its part, and Shiva married Parvati.

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