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Meera's Story

Being of a Hindu faith, and having a toddler daughter, has made me question myself on being able to guide teach and nurture her with the correct values and beliefs of Sanatan Dharma. She started showing interest in watching religious programs and reading books with Hindu God characters. 

She would ask me questions upon the question for which I sometimes couldn’t answer and just stared at her. 

Her curiosity grew on me, and I realised that living in a westernised country, with busy lifestyles we tend to forget that the fundamentals are important at a young age and that exposure to cultural learning starts early. I looked around the toy room and realised that everything is based on westernised play and that nothing encourages learning of the Hindu culture besides the books.

The thought sprung but the concept remained silent for 3 years until now. Meera is the name of my daughter and the inspiration

behind this concept.

Darshana, the mum behind Meera.